2023 Viking Season Highlights

2023 Viking Season Highlights
Our tent set up in the garden as a test before season start

The 2023 Viking season is over for us. We have been on 2 markets over the last couple of months and we have had a variety of weather.

Als Viking Market

Main market in the evening

Als market was in the middle of June this time, lasts 2 days, a weekend and it was hot as hell. We had a drought here in June and temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius. So our tent was hot the entire day. The only benefit was the shadow it provided.

The drought also came with a "no fire" ruling, so we couldn't have any camp fires in the evening. Which was fine, honestly.

Setting up camp the evening before market starts

This market we joined with the fighters from RIPA, which is always a great time and this was no different. They are great people and really nice friends.

Can't wait until we see Als again next year!

Moesgaard Viking Days

Setting up for Moesgaard at the beach

This year, Moesgaard was a bit different than last year. This year we where places directly on the beach. We where all there all four days and we had mixed weather during these days.

Evening view from our tent
Morning view from the tent

The first two days where really good days. Our spirits where high and the weather was great. Sunny and pretty hot. I even got my first sunburn in years during these two days.

Lots of people wanted to see a deer get skinned and slaughtered

These where also the days where most guests where at our "activity". We are at Moesgaard as part of the Hunter/Hunting experience, where we help the hunter slaughter and cook taste bites from the animals.

A deer hanging ready to be slaughtered

We had a small variety of animals this year. Each day we had 2 deers and 6 pheasants. One day we also had a young stag and 24 ducks.

A cruiseliner in the horizon

The last two days the weather turned on us. It got colder, wind increased and we had rain in the afternoons. This ofcourse resulted in less people attending.

A young stag waiting to be slaughtered

Here's a couple of pictures of the area we where camped in.

A mead merchant next to us
The viking boat came in thursday night

We had lots of meat during these days.

The leftover meat from the stag gets cut up the day after

Late Sunday afternoon, when the market was ending, we where so ready to go home. It was a long four days and we where exausted.

Not sure if we will attend Moesgaard next year. We will see.