Happy Holidays and New Year

Happy Holidays and New Year

2022 has been a great year. Both for me personally and professionally.

Personally 2022 was the year where I started a couple of new things.

  1. Participating in the Viking society in Denmark
  2. Started changing my eating habits to loose weight
  3. Got diagnosed with adult-asthma

Just to name some.

It's also the first full year where I was not employed by a company directly. I'm a freelance consultant, primarily doing work for one company. This has been a huge change for me, since I've been employed by the county for 15 years before this, so it is a radically different way of working.

Doing work this way has it's pros and cons. It pays pretty well, you largely decide what you want to work on and who you want to work for/with, but sometimes available work might be sparse and your income fluctuates a lot.

Looking forward to 2023

I am looking forward to 2023, because I feel like I am in a good trajectory.

I'm gonna be more active in the Viking community here. I plan to keep tweaking my eating habits and such. My main goal for 2023 is to loose about 10 kg during this year. This will get me from my current borderline over-obese to lower-end-obese, BMI wise. It's just under 1 kg a month and I feel that's doable for me.

So this was just a little update, since there really haven't been much activity on this blog for a few months. So it's just to say it's still alive and hopefully will get more active during 2023.

Happy Holidays and New Year!