How to setup webseeds for Peertube

Want to help out a peertube instance by seeding their content? Here's how you do it!

How to setup webseeds for Peertube

I'm a listener of the Jupiter Broadcasting podcasts and they usually stream their live shows on their Peertube instance. I have lots of bandwidth at my disposal, so I wanted to contribute to the Peertube feed, but I don't want to always have a browser window open on that page just for that.

Luckily, someone made a docker image for this exact purpose. The original author (tyrsarm) threw together a solution that works, which I used for a little while, but it had a couple of issues.

Then comes along CGBassPlayer. He forked it, renamed it to SeedTuber and improved it.

This is really easy to setup.


  1. Make sure you have docker compose installed and working.
  2. Create a docker compose file with the following content:‌‌‌‌
version: "3.3"

      peertube_url: "" #URL of Peertube server
      ping_interval: 300
      browser_limit: 5
    restart: unless-stopped

3. Now run sudo docker compose pull and sudo docker compose up -d to download the image and start the container.

4. If there was no errors in the previous step, the container show now be seeding the video feeds from that peertube server.


Thats it. You know how a docker container seeding all the video streams from a Peertube instance. You could setup a container for each peertube instance you want to help out if you want.

I have been using this with the Jupiter Broadcasting instance for some months now and I believe it's helping out the streams.