This month in Manjaro (April 2022)

This is my periodic posts on whats going on in Manjaro land.

It's a small collection of notable changes, updates and community news in and for the Manjaro community.

As I am a Manjaro ARM developer, some of the information will probably be ARM-biased.

See this as a Manjaro Podcast, but in written form.

Week 1

Database mishap

This week has been mostly quiet, but the X64 branch did have an issue where some of the repository databases got corrupted on the mirrors. First the extra repository one, then the community repository one. Both have been fixed.

Gnome 42 enters Unstable branch

A lot of people have been waiting for Gnome 42 as Arch had it in their testing repo for a little while. This week it was finally promoted to the regular repository and as a result was introduced into Manjaros Unstable branch. Preliminary reports from Unstable users indicate that some of the extensions are still not compatible with Gnome 42.

Week 2

Manjaro ARM 22.04 released!

This week marked the release of 108 images for the Manjaro ARM 22.04 release. This release we added the Ugoos AM6 Plus as a supported device with release images. So now the release covers 18 devices with Plasma, XFCE, MATE, Gnome, Sway and our GUI-less Minimal editions. They can all be downloaded from the Manjaro website.

Week 3

Calamares issues

There was reports this week about Calamares not launching. This was due to kpmcore being updated without Calamares being rebuilt. This should be resolved for now.

Week 4

New Pinebook Pro production run

The popular Pine64 device, the Pinebook Pro, has entered another production run, after over a year with no new batches. This batch is going to be different, because of the component shortage, the LPDDR4 RAM chip has been changed, which require a different uboot source, at least for the factory testing.