This month in Manjaro (January 2022)

This is my periodic posts on whats going on in Manjaro land.

It's a small collection of notable changes, updates and community news in and for the Manjaro community.

As I am a Manjaro ARM developer, some of the information will probably be ARM-biased.

See this as a Manjaro Podcast, but in written form.

Week 1

Manjaro 21.2.1 released

The Manjaro team released the first point release of 2022 this week. Mostly containing small fixes here and there, but it also has the major Python 3.10 rebuild.

Major update in Arch Linux ARM / Manjaro ARM

The Arch Linux ARM package building infrastructure had been hard at work to get all the Python 3.10, Boost 1.78 and Protobuf 3.19 rebuilds done. So much so, that the Arch Linux ARM repositories didn't see a single package update in about 3 weeks. This week it completed and Arch Linux ARM pushed out over 3000 new package updates, which Manjaro ARM got into their Unstable branch sortly after. Python 3.10 rebuilds have been an ongoing task in Manjaro ARM since then.

Week 2

Issues with new qt5-wayland

There has been reports, especially on the Pinephone, that the new qt5-wayland updates break the wayland shell on Plasma (Mobile). Although the issue has not been properly fixed upstream yet, we did add a workaround in packaging.

Week 3

KDE Plasma 5.24 Beta available for testing

This week the Beta for Plasma 5.24 was released and Manjaro has packaged them up nicely for you to test out.
See this blog post for more information about how to install it on Manjaro ARM Plasma Mobile edition.

Manjaro on new hardware

Minisforum released the DeskMini UM700 with Manjaro preinstalled! This is to give the same hardware as the SteamDeck will have when it is released in a more accesible way for developers.

Week 4

Philip interviewed by Destination Linux

The CEO of Manjaro was interviewed by the Destination Linux podcast on episode 263. Watch the entire episode below.