I got a new job

I got a new job

So, a couple of months ago I wrote in a post that I had lost my job at Manjaro.

Well, today I have some great news. I started as an IT Supporter at Automize A/S. It's a cloud based company that handles infra structure and support for other companies, mainly Norlys and it's sub-department of N1 currently.

The job will mainly consist of office space support for the staff of Norlys/N1, which is right up my ally. I started June 1st 2023 after 3 months of unemployment.

It's gonna be great to have a stable income again. I haven't had that in almost 3 years as the Manjaro gig was a freelance job.

The Home Server Project

This should not affect my home server project at all. At least not negatively. If anything I should get better at keeping it up and have more funds to upgrade it in the future.

I've even considered adding a git management software instance, like Gitea. But so far I have not had the need for one, as I mainly use gitlab.com and codeberg.org. So we'll see what happens there.